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Function of a Grease Removal Unit

  • Grease Removal Units slow down the flow of the hot greasy water and allows it to cool
  • Grease, oil and fat separate and float to the top
  • Solid waste falls to the bottom and decomposes
  • Grease, oil and fat are trapped by BAFFLES OR WEIRS that cover the inlet and outlet of the tank, preventing grease from flowing out
  • The cool water continues to flow down the pipe to the sewer

2 Types of Grease Removal Units

  1. Above ground grease interceptors located inside buildings
  2. Larger outside Grease Removal Units located underground

Both types require Frequent Maintenance.

Local Government (Water Pollution) Act’s 1977
And 1990 Amendment make it mandatory that waste produced must be intercepted and treated at source. The Grease Removal Unit is the approved method of interception and treatment

Total Service Solution

The Chemsearch Grease Removal Unit Management System provides:

  • Super Chem V a product specially formulated for Grease Removal Units
  • The Automatic Drain Mate Pump is supplied, fitted and maintained free of charge
  • A Monthly Service Call, free of charge to maintain Automatic pump and inspect Grease Removal Unit and drain lines
  • A Monthly Service Report is provided
  • A Certificate of Treatment is provided
  • The Chemsearch Guarantee of an environmentally friendly, cost effective and free flowing Grease Removal Unit

The Answer

Problem: Fats – Oils - Grease

Solution: Control Dosing with Super Chem V

Result: Converts Fats – Oils – Greases to Carbon Dioxide and Water

Leaving a Safer, Healthier, Friendly Environment